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Hi! My name is Poundcake and I'm an award-winning Pole Dance Competitor and Instructor based out of Los Angeles, California! I'm also a size 2X and have spent 5 long years struggling to find cute, affordable plus size pole wear for my competitions and performances (without the need to custom order and waiting months to receive it).

My main motto in pole is "These Poles Is For Everybody." Bad grammar? YES, but if you get the reference, you see where I'm going with this! I have students of all shapes and sizes in my classes and one of the most common questions I get asked is "where can I find good pole wear that's going to fit me?" Eventually, I grew tired of never really having a good answer for people. Then, the lightbulb went off...there is a dire need for more brands that bring inclusivity of all shapes and sizes, with a convenient ordering process, to the forefront! There are other brands who say they are putting out plus size pole wear however, they always seem to be the same designs that are made for smaller bodies that just get made into larger sizes and that doesn't really work for the reality of curvy bodies! 

So, I set out to change that by creating Naughty Goddexx, sexy, plus size pole wear made for curvy folks by curvy folks who understand what our bodies need!


Our Mission

. . .and yes, we choose to accept, is to provide quality apparel that gets you vibrating on your highest, most confident and empowered level. When you feel good, you look good, you dance better. . .it's science! (ok, maybe not science but, we're pretty sure we're in the majority on this one!)

We hope that our pieces help you love and embrace every inch of your body, unapologetically, as you express your uniqueness and individuality, whether on the pole or in your every day life. 

For far too long curvy folks have been taught that we should be ashamed of our bodies and sensuality. Well, it's time we strap up our pole boots, kick "should be" in the face and unleash our inner goddexx!

Words We Live By 

"Do all things with kindness, always seek to understand before judging, stand up for the voiceless and inspire before you expire. Motivate, empower, love, rest, repeat."


"Do what your heart is begging you to do."


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